HEMP Survivability and Endurability Project Aviano Air Base, Ghedi Air Base, & Incirlik Air Base

Location: Italy and Turkey

Value of Project: $34.9M

Project Description: LBE conducted HEMP Survivability and Endurability Assessments for three NATO bases. These studies where accomplished for USAFE (United States Air Force Europe Command) and focused on assessing and developing design upgrades for NC2 mission critical facilities at the three bases. The studies specifically addressed the readiness of the mission critical facilities at each base for a high altitude electromagnetic pulse (HEMP) event. The analysis included site visits at each installation to review the systems and to gather pertinent data and as-built drawings. Base personnel were interviewed to gather information about the workings of the studied systems and their requirements in the event of a HEMP situation. Charrette- style meetings were conducted during the site investigation to brainstorm ideas and formulate system upgrade options.

The study included findings from site investigation and recommendations for possible upgrades to installations for HEMP survivability and endurability. Recommendations were expanded into Technical Solution packages that included a detailed design narrative, 35% level drawing packages, specifications, calculations, cut sheets of specified equipment, detailed cost estimate, and a DD Form 1391funding breakdown. The study provided several endurability and survivability upgrade recommendations.

*Photos Courtesy of Aviano and Ghedi Air Base