DSN B2400 Server Room, Joint Base Charleston, Weapons Station

Location: Charleston, SC

Value of Project: $1.9M

Project Description: LBE provided the designs for the repairs and improvements to an existing room, P209, in Building 2400 of NNPTC at the Weapons Station for a new server room and office spaces for network administrators. Building 2400 was constructed in the 1990s. The current NNPTC server room had become inadequate regarding electrical power, cooling, and physical space. LBE performed the necessary investigation and scheduled design charrettes to develop specific user and other base organizational requirements. Through this charette and field visits, LBE developed and received approval for site plans, floor plans, and major electrical system concepts. A site visit was made to determine the possible presence of environmentally significant materials, including asbestos, lead-based paint, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), and hazardous waste. Asbestos and lead-based paint surveys were conducted in accordance with SCDHEC, OSHA, EPA. An electrical, heating and air conditioning load analysis of the existing facility was performed to determine if existing equipment capacity was sufficient to support additions to the building. LBE provided support for a full room UPS and new HVAC system. All work was created for maximum energy efficiency. The main areas of design work were the air conditioning system, ventilation system, fire alarm system, interior electrical system, and demolition.

LBE’s design team provided a full design package that included project management, architectural, plumbing, mechanical, structural, electrical, fire protection, and drawings. The project included 4 design submittals. Design quality control was completed for each design submittal. The drawing sets were produced in both Revit and AutoCAD formats. LBE provided as-built drawings and performed all services required to prepare and to furnish complete construction documents consisting of contract drawings, technical specifications, design analysis, cost estimate breakdown, as required.